Alpha-Male / Macho-Alfa

Alpha-Male / Macho-Alfa Volume 1 is currently being published by A Seita and Comic Heart in Portugal in Portuguese.
You can buy it on your regular Comic Book shop and other book stores.
Volumes 2 to 4 will be launched at a later date.

Still in the process of updating this part of the site so please, while you sip your coffee and wait, head on over to the official Alpha-Male graphic novel website

Alpha-Male / Macho-Alfa details

Year: 2021 to 2024
Book format: 4 volumes / 60 to 80 pages each / Hard cover
Production: Spread through 10 years
Publisher: A Seita & Comic Heart

Publishers: José de Freitas & Bruno Caetano
Story: Filipe Duarte Pina
Art: Osvaldo Medina
Colours: Filipe Duarte Pina






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A Seita
Comic Heart

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