City Stories

City Stories details

Year: 2010
Book format: 87×2 pages / soft cover
Production: 4 months
Publisher: Leya / Czytaj


City Stories is an international comic project, carried out annually since 2006. The idea came from Adam Radoń, director of the International Festival of Comics and Games, however the project is conducted by the Association of Artists CONTUR, together with the City of Łódź Office, Łódź Cultural Center, Łódź Special Economic Zone and Art Zone with cooperation of foreign embassies and other diplomatic institutions and cultural institutions within the partner country.
In October, 2010, the International Festival of Comics and Games featured the premiere of the 6th City Stories edition. This time the stories about Łódź were created by Polish and Portuguese artists.

Michał Śledziński
Rui Lacas
Filipe Andrade
Ricardo Cabral

Filipe Pina
Bartosz Sztybor
Balbina Bruszewska

Saudade story details

Writer: Filipe Pina
Art: Filipe Andrade


Saudade is a love story about a Portuguese and a Polish.
It is told in first person by one of the lovers.

The Portuguese team travelled to the city of Łódź to meet the Polish where, for the course of a week, they got to know the city and its stories as well as prepare the ideas and comics to be made into the book. We had only 2 months for writing, drawing, editing and printing so Saudade was written and drawn in just a few days.


The book has two sides mirrored, one is in Polish, the other in Portuguese.
I actually met my girlfriend in Łódź during the making of City Stories.


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