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A Arte de Under Siege

Producer: Filipe Pina
Art:  André Mealha, Jorge Jacinto, Filipe Pichel, Filipe Andrade
Color: Pedro Pitéu
Co-Producer: Jeffrey Ferreira

Year: 2011
Book format: 64 pages /hard cover
Production: 3 months
Publisher for Asa: Maria José
Book publisher: Asa-Leya

The Art of Under Siege is an art book that contains a selection of illustrations, sketches and 3D models from the Under Siege game. It also includes the previously limited released comic book “1st Encounter”.



Senhores do Fogo / Masters of Fire

senhoresdofogoWriter: Filipe Pina
Art:  Filipe Andrade

Year: 2008
Book format: digital
Production: 2 months

Senhores do Fogo / Masters of Fire is an unfinished project that never got a publisher. It is a fiction story about firefighters who have to deal with supernatural forces. It was presented to newspapers in 2007 as a periodic weekly story, unfortunately nobody bought the idea. We tried again in 2008 to sell to publishers in Angoulême, France but once again nobody wanted to publish. We decided to drop the entire thing and concentrate on other projects. Fortunately in 2013 the 8 pages that were produced became available to readers as Senhores do Fogo / Masters of Fire was published in the bi-monthly digital magazine “The Lisbon Studio Mag”. You can check it here -> http://issuu.com/thelisbonstudio/docs/tls_mag_final





Writer: Filipe Pina
Art:  Filipe Andrade, Rafael Pina

Year: 2002
Strip format: digital / weekly
Production: 1 year

Fraggers was my very first attempt to produce comics. It was a weekly online comic strip that came with some sort of journalistic crazy (and funny?) text written by me. It was hosted on PTArena.net. For the art I asked my brother and his friend to draw it. But they were 14 at the time, which meant constant delays and lots of goofing around. It only lasted a year. Terrible art and stupid text = good times.

Image: the strip where we did a homage to Calvin and Hobbes was always one of my favorites

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