Brass City of Veelavee

Brewmaster – Brass City of Veelavee

Brewmaster illustration by Valve

The”Brass City of Veelavee” set was made after the Polycount contest was extended for more two weeks with the deadline moving from 19th of November to the 3rd of December.

It did not win the contest and it has yet to go on sale in the game. Meanwhile it is up for voting and comments on the Steam Workshop.
You can check out the Steam Workshop to comment and vote here ->



Idea and concept art

It is cool to think that Brewmaster is this great master of brew right? But actually he is on the road often and if I would have to guess, he must stop lots of times to refill his keg. Not much brewing going on this way. So why not have a portable brewery instead? This way he can make his own brew whenever he needs more.


Story and background
Original Brewmaster story ->

After years of roaming the lands, Mangix finally reached one of the greatest cities ever built, the Brass City of Veelavee. But instead of finding a rich and prosperous city, he found a city devastated by years of war. The citizens of Veelavee struggled to fight and keep their enemies out of the city but they were no fighters, they lived to mine, build and forge with brass, not wield weapons.
Being the Brewmaster also meant helping those in need, so he fought with the citizens against their opponents. He taught them to use their tools effectively as weapons.
After months of battles victory was at hand. The citizens of Veelavee had vanquished their enemies, all thanks to Mangix and his expert skills in combat.
For his heroic deeds the master brass builders built him a portable brewery and the mayor of the Brass City of Veelavee gave him the most honorable symbol of their city, a brass pipe wrench.

Brewmaster – 5 piece Set of the Brass City of Veelavee

The Portable Brewery (back)
Built by the Master Brass Builders of Veelavee, the Portable Brewery is a complex piece of engineering. It works just like a normal brewery would except that Mangix can carry it everywhere.


The Brass Keg of Veelavee (weapon offhand)
The Brass Keg is just like a normal keg instead it is made of brass instead of wood. A gift to Mangix from the Mayor of the Brass City of Veelavee for helping them in the fight against the enemy.


Brass Pipe Wrench of Veelavee (weapon)
The Brass Pipe Wrench was a gift to Mangix from the Mayor of the Brass City of Veelavee for helping them in the fight against the enemy. Although best used in pipes and for tuning up the inner workings of a brewery, the Brewmaster prefers to lay down its weight in the heads of his opponents.


Leather Bracers of Veelavee (arms)
A pair of leather bracers for extra grip.


Leather Harness and Hat of Veelavee (shoulders)
Although there is no slot for the head on Brewmaster, this shoulder item includes both a leather harness and a hat. The Leather Harness holds the Portable Brewery and the Hat is just for style, well… some might say that little hats on animals can’t exactly be called stylish. Except with Brewmaster anything he wears becomes the standard for others to follow so…


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