Detective Case and Clown Bot in: The Express Killer

The Express Killer details

Main role: Director
Secondary roles: Co-Producer / Writer / Designer / Artist

Year: 2018 (PC) – coming to Nintendo Switch
Platforms: Windows / Macintosh / Linux
Support: Digital / Steam / Humble Store / Indiegala / Green Man Gaming / Gamers Gate
Production: 3 years PC (produced between client projects)
Company: Nerd Monkeys®
Publisher: Nerd Monkeys®



The Express Killer is the sequel to Murder in the Hotel Lisbon. It follows the classic point and click adventure formula from the 80’s and 90’s. The game itself runs at a native resolution of 256×192, the same resolution used by the old ZX Spectrum 48k and the Nintendo DS.

Someone has been killing passengers on the express train from Lisbon to Porto, every single day since Tuesday! Someone needs to stop the killer! Once again Garcia is not up to the task (was he ever?) and reluctantly calls upon his old friend and his strange flying sidekick: the mythical Detective Case and the unmistakable Clown Bot.
Together, they will board on the express train, bother everyone by asking annoying questions, pick up everyone’s belongings and call them clues, drink and eat for free at the bar (because they are working after all!) and if all goes well, find and stop the express killer.
Oh, and they have to babysit Garcia’s kid because his mom is in Porto and Garcia is busy and since they are taking the train to Porto they might as well take him with them. What could go wrong, right?
Time for you to board on a brand new adventure filled with humor, cases (this time many cases!), mysteries, and even more characters now than ever before! Will you be able to gather clues, solve the puzzles, succeed the trials, and find the culprit before reaching the final station?!

With the mythical Detective Case, also known as the world worst detective, a man so rough and rude that his witnesses would rather be run over by a slow-moving freight train than to be questioned by him.
The hilarious Clown Bot who, although he works as a Detective Case’s sidekick, he hopes in reality that one day he will get a job as a circus clown. Unfortunately, and no matter how many applications he sends, no circus will ever accept a clown that is afraid of children. He never sleeps, so besides working by day as a sidekick, he also works by night as a stand-up comedian in a local bar. People say that he is a joke machine!
And Garcia’s kid, what’s his name? Billy Joel? What is he doing here?


The Case and Bot duo was always a personal project. Directed and written by me this is the type of game I always wanted to do but never really had the opportunity to do so. The amazing team that gathered to produced this game was absolutely fantastic and I could have never done it without these guys.



Director: Filipe Duarte Pina
Producer: Diogo Vasconcelos
Lead Programmer: José Castanheira
Senior Programmer
: José Rua
Sets: Uriel Cordas
Music: Rafael Pina
With characters created by: Nuno Saraiva
Guest musician: Ricardo Gordo


Just like the original, The Express Killer is full of references, stupid jokes and crazy moments. Some were written to be that way while others just came to us along the production. Here are just a few curiosities.

1 – Just like in the first game, the team that made the game returns and is present at the Train Station waiting for a train.

2 – The rock band that asks for money at the Train Station are an actual real live band called “Gordo e os Indecentes”. They are also the ones who play the credits end song “Justin Case.

3 – The character that sits on the train called Brick M. Stonewood is actually the lead character for the upcoming game Starr Mazer. This cross over goes both ways as Detective Case will also appear in Starr Mazer for the GREATEST CROSS-OVER EVER!


Polycount Post Mortem

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