Order of the Caretos

Brewmaster – Order of the Caretos

Brewmaster illustration by Valve

The Brewmaster is a character from the videogame DOTA2 by Valve Software.
Me and my good friend Filipe Andrade teamed up to create a 5 set piece for the DOTA2 Polycount contest.

We called this set “Order of the Caretos” and the submission was done before the 19th of November of 2012.
I modelled, textured and rigged and Andrade did the concept art, illustrations and color design.

It did not win the contest and it has yet to go on sale in the game. Meanwhile it is up for voting and comments on the Steam Workshop.
You can check out the Steam store to comment and vote here -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108116337

Idea and concept art

So me and Andrade met up in a small cafe a few days ago and talked about the background and theme for the Brewmaster. Andrade drew some doodles while we talked.
We talked about this idea that it would be cool to imagine that Mangix (the Brewmaster name before he became B.) would have travelled through all these lands and that somehow he came across a land where wine was used to achieve the same results as the Order of the Oyo. So he would train with them and all that etc.
As for the fear inducing items, Andrade had this idea that comes from some festivals that occur in the northern regions of Portugal and Spain where people dress up in these scary costumes with scary masks that are supposed to scare others.

Story and background
Original Brewmaster story -> http://www.dota2.com/workshop/requirements/Brewmaster

Mangix wandered the land as Brewmaster for many years. Like all that came before him, his travels took him to many strange places and, more often than not, he met different cultures, old and new. It was in the Northern Lands, only accessible through the old gates of Miraterra that he reached the distant Valley of Caras also known to the common folk as the Valley of Fear. There he met the ancient tribe of the Caretos and its leader the Grapemaster.

The Order of the Caretos is a powerful and ancient one that, much like Mangix’s own Order of the Oyo, strives to reach enlightenment through drinking. But unlike Oyo’s, grapes and not malt, is the chosen vehicle to communicate with the spirits.
The Caretos leader saw in Mangix the same values that his own tribe had cherished for thousands of years so he took him in as one of their one. For many months Mangix trained with the Grapemaster in the ways of the Fear Spirit, the one technique than once learned can paralyze even the most courageous man. When his training was complete the Grapemaster challenged him for a final duel, a duel of mind, body and soul. It was a fight as much as a spectacle of magic and fear inducing techniques. Those who were there to see it said that the spirits came down to earth to watch it for themselves such was the spectacle put on by these two masters. And it was there, in the Northern Lands in the distant valley of Caras while fighting the Grapemaster of the Order of the Caretos, in the midst of a crazed red wine drunkenness, that for a tiny fraction of a moment Mangix grasped a glimpse of the spiritual world.

To this day half of the Caretos tribe states that the Brewmaster collapsed first and the other half say that it was their own Grapemaster that touched the ground faster. For Mangix victory mattered not. The most important thing had been the one provided by the Grapemaster, with his help, he had come one step closer to reaching that single thought, the one that will unite the spirit and physical planes again.

Brewmaster – 5 piece Set of Order of the Caretos

The day that the Brewmaster left the Valley of Caras he was given 5 items to take with him on his journey.

Careto’s Mystical Mask (back)
This big mask is said to have belonged to a giant a thousand years ago. It induces fear on anyone that tries to sneak up from behind to the point where it might just paralyze them.

Careto’s Ancient Horn of Wine (weapon offhand)
The horns of giant beasts are used in the Northern Lands to store wine. They are very good at preserving the fine qualities of the red grape for many years.

Careto’s Big Rattle (weapon)
Rattles are used by the Caretos to induce fear in the enemy. It is usual to wear 4 or 5 around your waist. In this case no fear inducing techniques are necessary, just one big rattle made of metal banging on your head.

Careto’s Faces of Fear (arms)
These braces are carved with the face of fear of the Caretos tribe. Wear these along with the Mystical Mask and the Brewmaster can easily induce fear in even the most courageous man.

Careto’s Shoulder Pads of Miraterra (shoulders)
Only the one that has fought the Grapemaster can wear the Shoulder Pads of Miraterra.



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