Sudoku for Kids

Sudoku for Kids® details

Main role: Producer
Secondary roles: Interface design/ Animation

Year: 2006
Platform: PC / Nintendo DS
Support: Box / Retail
Production: 3 months
Developer: Seed Studios Lda.
Client PC: Individual Software
Client Nintendo DS: GameInvest
Publishers: Individual Software (USA,CAN)


Sudoku for Kids is a videogame based on the popular Sukoku games that appear in magazines, books and the internet. It was created in 2006 when Sudoku was at the height of it’s popularity. Since it is a game for young children, special care was taken to ensure that the game was easy to understand and play. As an extra, the Nintendo DS version includes animations and music not original found in the PC.


It was first developed for the PC and then later for the Nintendo DS. Production was fast and easy with clear goals and expected results. The idea at the time was to develop a simple and easy game so that the team could temporarily move away from bigger productions and do something a bit simpler.

The PC version had some success in the USA and Canada where it was distributed by Individual Software, but unfortunately the Nintendo DS version, although finished and approved by Nintendo was never released. The company that picked it up and payed for the NDS version went bankrupt before it could release it and we could not negotiate another deal since the project was no longer in our hands.


Producer: Filipe Duarte Pina
Lead Programmer and Designer: Bruno Ribeiro
Art and animation: Jeffrey Ferreira
Music: Shin’en
Original idea: Ana Sousa


Sudoku for Kids was originally called Sudokids. This had to be dropped since it was already registered and owned by another company.


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