First Encounter

First Encounter details

Producer / Writer: Filipe Pina
Art: Filipe Andrade
Color: Pedro Pitéu
Co-Producer: Jeffrey Ferreira
Based on characters created by: Bruno Ribeiro
Based on the orginal art by: André Mealha

Year: 2011
Book format: 22 pages / digital
Limited print edition: 150 copies / soft cover
Production: 1 year
Publisher: Seed Studios, Lda.


A group of soldiers is on route to the human citadel when they encounter a strange race of smokey humanoids.
First Encounter takes place in the Under Siege™ universe some time before the events of the videogame.


First Encounter was designed to be a stand alone story that could also support the introduction to the Under Siege™ universe. We knew we wanted Filipe Andrade to be drawing but there were some doubts about who would color it. We decided to do some tests with several candidates to see who would fit his style better to the drawings of Filipe. With great luck we came across Pedro Pitéu who, although being the first time painting a comic book, did a fantastic job.

The finished work was so good that we pitched a full story to some Portuguese and French publishers. We got a big offer to do 3 books but unfortunately the offer only included publishing, the costs would have to come down to Seed Studios or anyone else. Since it was a big investment and there was no way to finance this we had to let it go.


Filipe Pina – writer /producer
Filipe Andrade – art / cover
Pedro Pitéu – colors


There are only 150 limited copies of the original print, 50 in Portuguese and 100 in English. They were all distributed to the press in a digipack that also contained a DVD with all the media related to the Under Siege videogame.
This comic was later reprinted in “A Arte de Under Siege”.


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