Biowars: Blastor’s Saga

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Biowars: Blastor’s Saga details

Main role: Designer
Secondary roles: Artist, Animator

Year: 2015
Platforms: Android, iOS
Support: Digital / Smartphones and Tablets
Production: 12 months
Company: Gabriel Creations Inc.
Publisher: Gabriel Creations Inc.


Within the living cosmos of the human body, BioWarriors of the Immune System battle alien microbes in the ongoing battle for life! Inside, the Biowars Rages. Biowars is a franchise created by Gabriel Shaoolian. Gabriel has been pushing for Biowars for some time now, first with an animation project, then an online Comic, and now a couple of videogames including this one.

International trailer

Take arms against a pandemic raising havoc on the human body. Based on the BIOWARS comic books: Blastor’s Saga lets you take control of Blastor, a BioWarrior B-Cell reimagined as one of the body’s greatest superheros. To protect your world, you must blast through multiple missions, filled to the brim with viral hordes and an onslaught of bacteria enemies standing between you and the boss of the infection.

Main features
– 3 world areas divided in 2 sections each.
– 3 boss fights, street fighter style.
– Summon help from 5 friends of Blastor, each with their own ability.
– Weapons and power-ups.
– 2 extra modes: Endless and Boss Rush.
– Dozens of extra challenges

Technical details
– Hundreds of animated characters on screen
– Extremely detailed backgrounds and characters
– Support for trophies, leaderboards and connection with Facebook and Twitter


Gabriel Shaoolian – Producer / Client
Filipe Duarte Pina – Designer / Artist / Animator
Diogo Vasconcelos – Studio Head
José Rua – Programmer / Android
João Cabral – Programmer / iOS
Gonçalo Lopes – Character art
Lucius Cross – Levels and backgrounds
Miguel Vicente – Menu / interface
Joana Lafuente – Additional art
João Mascarenhas – Music / SFX
Uriel Cordas – Concept Art (internship)


Around 4 or 5 prototypes were created. About 1 each week during the first month of production. Although it was a costly decision, this allowed the client to choose which type of game he prefered.


Official website –
Apple Store –
Google Play –

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