Infinite Roads


Infinite Roads details

Main role: Designer
Secondary roles: Producer
Year: 2017
Platform: Android, iOS
Support: Digital / Smartphones and Tablets
Production: 3 full months, 6 extra scattered
Developer: Nerd Monkeys
Publisher: Super Banana Games


Infinite Roads is like and infinite runner. The player drives a car on an infinite road and tries to survive as long as possible. Driving off road makes the player lose “life” and if stays there for too long he eventually loses the game. Getting back on the road recovers the “life” back. It’s simple but effective. There are also jumps, holes and loops. Has the player progresses the road gets smaller and in worse conditions. What a crappy road trip this is! :p

International trailer

Main features
The game features an automatically generated road track. It also includes loops, jumps and other variants. The main problem was getting the art to line-up properly so I created a set of rules for the curves and straights so they would always line-up. Photoshop is not the easiest tool to use when creating stuff like a curve that bends 11,25 degrees but it is possible. If you look carefully you can still make out (sometimes) where the pieces connect.


Technical details
José programmed the game so that we could increase or decrease difficulty. The amount of curves one after the other, loops, straights, jumps etc. could be changed easily by messing with simple parameters. It is also made in a way that works incrementally so, in the first game loop (after 4 sets tracks) it gets a bit harder and so on.


As with Lab Run and Loopy Loops, Infinite Roads was done in a very short amount of time. There was also a change in art style mid way through development which meant outsourcing some art to create everything on time.


Production: Nuno Serrador / Diogo Vasconcelos / Filipe Duarte Pina
Design: Filipe Duarte Pina / Nuno Serrador
Programming: José Rua
Art: Filipe Duarte Pina / Deivis Tavares


There were other ideas to be implemented in the game but had to be cut due to the short amount of development time. One was to have on coming traffic and the other a police car chasing the player.


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