TLS Series: Silêncio / Monstros

SILÊNCIO details

Year: 2017
Book format: 142 pages / Hard cover
Production: 6 months
Publisher: G Floy Portugal / Comic Heart

The short story Monstros is included in the SILÊNCIO anthology.



The TLS Series is the wonderful and accomplished attempt to create periodic anthologies around a unified theme. SILÊNCIO is the 2nd book, after CIDADES and the 3rd one, called VIAGENS, is already out.

The Lisbon Studio (TLS) is an artists studio located in Lisbon that constantly changes residents and houses artists from varied and broad fields like illustration, comics, animation, video, film and many others. It was also, in The Lisbon Studio, that Nerd Monkeys grew and flourished and that’s why it will always keep a place in my heart

The stories in these anthologies are done from residents and ex-residents and, in the case of SILÊNCIO, we got a cool total of 8 originals. And it was in this book, that I partnered with Nuno Rodrigues to write and create “Monstros”.

Bárbara Lopes
Darsy Fernandes
Jorge Coelho
Marta Teives
Nuno Rodrigues
Paula Bivar de Sousa
Pedro Ribeiro Ferreira
Ricardo Cabral

André Oliveira
Filipe Duarte Pina
Pedro Moura

MONSTROS details

Story: Filipe Duarte Pina
Art: Nuno Rodrigues

Winner of the Award for Best Story at – Prémios Nacionais Amadora BD (2018)
Nominated for Best Short at – Comic Con Portugal Galardões BD (2018)


Working with Nuno was a breeze. He works hard and takes it all very seriously.

The MONSTROS idea started out when me and Nuno talked about how cool it would be to make a story only with his designs of monsters.
Some ideas about a man living and working in a city filled with monstrous aberrations that only exist in his mind started to come around and we eventually settled on the one you see in the final book.
The only big question was the ending. I wrote 3 different ideas and we talked about what would be the best and most interesting. I think the best one is the one we chose.

Since we knew we were confined to 12 / 16 pages in black and white, we knew had to make some compromises to make it all fit.
It is mostly apparent that we needed an extra page or two in the parts where he goes and talks to the boss (another page would have been nice), and when he runs away at the end (two more pages would be excellent).



1 – This was my first time working with Nuno. It worked out so well that we are actually working in a new, bigger comic.

2 – In the last panel, there is a monster playing Detective Case and Clown Bot on a mobile phone.


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